Through overwork I overlooked informing HMRC that I married in August 2015. On 31 March 2016 I came off tax credits because I was cashing in a pension policy for funds to convert my house. At the time in 2015/16 I was struggling with the upkeep of my guest house, running the business and having everything to do myself and running another business where I had bad debts in the past and the money earned was all going to pay off debts I had incurred because of those bad debts and a struggling guest house business.

I know that being busy isn't a reasonable excuse. My total earnings in that year were less than £6,000 and my new wife wasn't working because of ill health. I recently put in a digital claim because all the building work has left me short of money to live on and I mistakenly put 2014 down has our date of marriage instead of 2015. When they said they wanted repayment of nearly £2,000 they also said they were going to fine me £3,000, so with the worry of that and barely having enough to live on I just said I had made a mistake because of hard drive problems I am having with my laptop and told them the date was two years later.

Do you think I should come clean and say that it was 2015?

If I don't come clean would this mistake of mine become fraud?

Better come clean before they

Better come clean before they find out.

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.

If I do

I can't repay the money and penalty because of borrowings for conversion work plus if I don't get tenants in I will have £300 per month council tax to pay. The maximum I will be able to repay is about £25 per month.

Profile: Accountant, Guest House owner and Landlord. Qualified as an FCCA and FMAAT.

The longer you avoid

contacting them the worse the situation could become.

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Reply to Law Interest

It is now 10.35 pm on Friday night and it is probable they won't be open till Monday morning again. Many thanks anyway, it looks like I will need to put in a joint tax credits claim to pay off the overpayment, penalty and council tax because I have little income coming in, even with my State Pension later on in the year, for the next couple of years. 

Profile: Accountant, Guest House owner and Landlord. Qualified as an FCCA and FMAAT.

Just to update

I have now informed them the correct details and now have £1,250 to repay and no penalty instead of the £2,000 plus £3,000 penalty their other advisor told me. Still not good but at least I can put in a joint claim this year, until end of November which will be enough to cover this overpayment plus a likely penalty of £300 and the 2016/17 overpayment of £200.

Profile: Accountant, Guest House owner and Landlord. Qualified as an FCCA and FMAAT.
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