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Hi, First Time ever doing this so here goes! 

We booked our wedding with a venue in Apr 2017 - they had all the chat about making it our special day and how fabulous it will be...we paid £1686.14 deposit and thats when we started having table - not allowed sweets because they are sticky (yes they actually said that!!) suddenly very selective with what we can and can't do to the point of it being about the venues special day and not ours! So we have about 2 weeks ago now - cancelled our wedding and stated our reasons why politely of course (We don't feel the wedding will be what we want for our big day etc.) sand requested information regarding the deposit. They have stated the deposit is non-refundable and should they re-let the venue we could look at getting 50% of the deposit back. 

I have done a little research and I feel that given our wedding date is still 18 months away - retaining the full deposit should be deemed as unfair T+C's. After looking on this site - I requested a full breakdown of costs incurred which we could deduct from the deposit so that both parties were satisfied however the information i got back was "Overheads including rent, rates, salaries still have to be paid" I've requested this information 3 times and its now just being ignored. In terms of costs - we have viewed once and then had booking contracts sent out - we have exchanged a handful of emails where everytime i have asked for information I have been told "oh we can look at those details in your 6 week prior to the wedding chat" not a single thing but the venue has booked and we just keep being put off "everything else can be dealt with 6 weeks prior" again and again.

Can anybody offer any advice? Are they unfair terms? or am i just going to have to accept losing out on the money which in 18months they can very well recieve again as its a May bank holiday wedding! 

It could well be unfair

and you might have a strong case.  However, your dates make no sense and dates could be important.

Booked in April 2017. Then you mention 18 months and a May Bank Holiday wedding. I cannot make 18 months out of that which ever way I look at it. Could be 13 months, could be 25 months. could be 18 months from now, which would be 30 months since booking.

Is the wedding cancelled (as you say) or only the venue booking?

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Hi, sorry! We booked/paid our

Hi, sorry!

We booked/paid our deposit for the venue in April of this year for a wedding date of 26th May 2019. (17 months from now)

We have choosen to book elsewhere now as we just wasnt happy with this venue. 

I hope this makes more sense. 

Hang about for expert advice

but you seem to have a powerful case for a significant refund. This would be through the small claims court. 

There is a contributor called Spacecadet who is well versed in this area and a couple of the legally qualified lawyers might chip in.

An unfair term in a consumer contract is one which is significantly weighted against the consumer. Hanging onto all of your money for 18 months citing things like rates and wages seems like nonsense.

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Thank you  Thanks very much!

Thank you 

Thanks very much! I will hold out for some more information from Spacecadet or others should they comment and go from there. 

I am happy to take them to small claims court if necessary - just seems just an annoying route but guess sometimes you have no choice. 

IF.. I am correct

it might be more a case of negotiating - but from a position of strength.

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Unless you were told the

Unless you were told the restrictions before you signed the agreement and they were specifically pointed out apart from general conditions- then you 've got a two pronged attack as well as unfair.

Firstly "mistake". you thought you were contracting for a day which allowed for a degree of jollity and frivolity. The venue seems to be offering amore sedate event. So the remedy is to be put back to the same position as if the mistke hasn't been made. No expense having been incurred - that means a full refund.

The other related issue is that the restrictions could be considered onerous terms as they kinit your freedom to choose your own day. So the same considerations and remedy applies.

You might also like the venue to consider the unfavourable publicity it might attract. A hint that a family member or friend works for a local paper often works wonders.


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We were not told any

We were not told any restrictions until after the contracts had been signed and we began asking more questions so we could get some planning ideas etc. 

There was no % of people required for the evening food until we wanted sweets. I said we wanted to give the kids favours for the table (for speeches etc. to keep them occuplied etc.) these would consist of some sweets/treats and activity packs etc. to which we were told that if we provided evening food for a certain amount then they could look at allowing us to provide a way of having sweets etc.  I have also requested to make changes to the evening food but for food we would want - sausage rolls etc. just normal food and even requested it's provided by their caterers as thats the problem they have "Outside Suppliers" but if I had waited until 6 weeks before and then wasnt happy i'd be stuck with a wedding day that isnt what I want. 

They come across in the sense that if I had an unlimited budget i'd get what I wanted and they wouldnt care - not a very nice feeling for your wedding day! 


We have literally just this

We have literally just this minute been advised by the director of the company that the full deposit is being returned! 

Thank you so much for all of your advice! It really helped us to word an email which put is in a strong position to get our money back. 

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