Training deductions fiasco

Hi all, first post here.

I have a employment training deduction issue and just looking for opinions on my situation. 


I handed my notice to my employer and worked the notice period (4 weeks), I worked weekends and covered other people's work, done my best to not burn any bridges or upset anyone.

After leaving I received my monthly wage slip which included a deduction for training which was more than 95% of my wage. (I was left with just over 100 pounds for a month's work) 


The contract of employment I signed does say they can make deductions for training, full amount on the first year and 1/5 removed every year. 

Here's the best part, I'm a combustion engineer so by law I have to have competency tickets to prove I'm competent and safe to work on gas and oil appliances, these tickets only last 5 years and need to be redone every 5 years, so I would never be out of the deductions window. 


My questions are

Is this fair? 

Is this common practice? 

Can I do anything to claim money back? 


Any reply is welcome, I'm just trying to educate myself on this matter.



I am sorry to read this. The

I am sorry to read this.

The contract is harsh, especially if a requirement of your having that job was the regular re-training. I bet that the company prides itself on having fully trained certified engineers.

Sometimes a new employer can be persuaded to conribute to the cost of training paid for by a previous employer - but check the repayment/deduction terms!

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Thanks for the reply,    Yeah

Thanks for the reply, 


Yeah the company in question have a small team of great well trained and experienced engineers. 


And sadly the contract does not have any deduction /repayment terms other tan what I mentioned.




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