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Good Evening all, 

How long does the court have to add the details of a conviction to a record? Would it be an issue if the item did not appear for 18 months and would this be worth looking into? 

Conviction was a criminal one heard in criminal court

The punishment was community resolution (hours)


Its normally added

Its normally added immediately.

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Thanks for your reply.  Sorry

Thanks for your reply. 

Sorry my error it has been 15 months. It was only added recently which I noticed with a new background check which I get regurly due to work etc. 

Anything I can do, is it worth complaining about? 

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Complain about

what? How does it affect you, being added late? More concern to an employer I would think?

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Because it didn't show on

Because it didn't show on checks before, the way it was dealt with in court etc, This lead me to believe it was a civil matter. 

Regardless of the above it was added 15 months later and my question is, do I have grounds for complaint. 

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You have no complaint. Your misunderstanding is not a cause for complaint to anyone else.

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