TA10 Form Dispute

I hope someone can offer advise regarding TA10. We are in the process of buying a house. During the process, the sellers advised that they may request contributions for some of the items they are leaving behind. In order to get more clarity, we requested the TA10 form and received a copy signed on 21/10/2016. We asked our sollicitors if this is the latest version they have, and they confirmed that this is the case. Subsequently, we received the full documentation from them and the same version of the form was included. On that basis, we signed the acceptance and sent it back. While wating for the sellers to sign  so that the exchange can take place, they raised another item where they expect us to pay if we want it to stay, however that item was listed as included in the TA10 form we have. On further investigation, we are now told that there is a more recent version of the form but neither the estate agents nor our sollicitors have seen it until now. We have now requested the latest version of the form and have concerns that there may be other changes which would be unfavourable to us. 

We really want to get this transaction done and feel that either the sellers are trying to squeeze some money out of us in a very petty and unethical way or the sollicitors (either theirs, ours or both) have been very unprofessional in conducting their duties. 

Is there any advice or recommendation you can offer in this case?

Thank you!

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