Shift Working / Allowance.

Hi, I have recently gone through a restructure at work which meant I was put at risk of redundancy. I'm now in a new role and no longer at risk. The new role is shifts. I've been told that my current T&C's remain as is. My T&C's clearly say that core hours are 7am until 7 pm. Under shift working it clearly says that hours worked outside of core hours will attract the following premium....then it goes onto to list 1 hour worked outside of core = £, 2 hours worked = £ etc etc.. However, we have been told that there is no shift allowance - we've been told that it is included in our salary?! Simple this correct? I thought that the definition of 'premium' was 'in addition to' ? Any and all help gratefully appreciated. Regards, P.

Hi, If anyone can offer any

Hi, If anyone can offer any help and assistance it would be gratefully appreciated.

HR are 'telling' us that the core hours for our particular area of the business are actually 6am to 11pm and therefore there is no shift allowance, even though, as stated in my original message above, all our T&C's say core hours are 6am to 7pm, therefore we should be entitled to 4 hours shift allowance, i.e. from 7pm to 11pm?

Can HR do this? Can they just 'tell' us one thing even though our T&C's clearly say another. Or have I missed something?

Any and all help gratefully received - thanks, P

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