Shed built on Council owned property


I recently built a shed in the garden of my council rented property. I have a very large garden approx 20m wide x 20m long. The shed is built on a paved area using wooden meterails and a felted roof.
The shed is roughly 4.8m long x 2.4m wide x 3.2m high. Since I have built the shed I belive a neighbour has put in a complaint to the local council and a inspector came to look at the shed. When he arrived he said he can't see their being  a problem with the shed being their, however I recieved a letter from the same inspector requesting that I take the shed down due to it not meeting their required tenacy agreement specifications for sheds. They have attached a specific document with the letter advising to the allowed size which is alot smaller. I have been a tenant in the property for 18 years and do not recall any of this infomation being agreed too or amended before during my tenacy. They have told me I have 3 weeks from the date of letter to remove the shed. Other local council tenants have had very simular size shed in their gardens for years without problem I guess to to no complaint being made.

I have spent alot of money on the shed and really do not want to take it down. Is their any advice anyone can give with regards to appealing against removing the shed, my rights and what would be the likely action that could be taken against me if a fail to remove the shed ?

Many thanks for any advice


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