obtain a copy of banks loan agreement


i have written letters to te yorkshire bank and midland bank ref the data protection act and consumer credit act ref sar request. both replied saying the loan they gave was to a limited company and does not fall under the above acts. is there any rules or regulations i can quote to obtain copies of the banks loan agreements.thanks glenn

Hi Glenn, Regardless of

Hi Glenn,

Regardless of whether or not the acts that you have mentioned are applicable to companies you as a previous director of the company are entitled to see copies of the loan agreements.

However you are obviously struggling to obtain these. As I said previously it can be difficult to obtain historic documents from financial institutions.

To make it easier for the banks to trace you need to provide all of the account number for the loans together with the exact dates they were taken out and any other information which may assist them in tracing the documents.

You may have to consider employing the services of a solicitor to assist you in trying to obtain the documents.

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obtain a copy of banks loan agreement


Gerard thanks for your reply.i have supplied the banks with the account nos and the dates ect that refer to the limited company. the limited company was transferred to the yorkshire bank in 1986 and dissolved in august 1989 ,the properties were transferred to myself.On the 8/2/11 i have sent a further sar request to the yorkshire bankand i await a reply.I have reinstated the company to deal with the charges ect. thanks for your advice glenn


Profile: my name is glenn camps i am a brick layer. and i live in nottingham

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