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If spouse is appointed Executor and Trustee in a Will and my half of house value and estate residue is left with said Trustee i.e. All assets are held by Trustee and not directly to spouse(albeit the Trustee and spouse are the same person)is this the same as surviving spouse automatically inheriting estate as spouse without incurring any IHT liability,which would hopefully be a clean spouse to spouse inheritance?

Spouse to spouse doesn't

Spouse to spouse doesn't incur IHT anyway.

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Thank you,...I'm aware of

Thank you,...I'm aware of what you say,..my query is if spouse is Trustee does the same apply,if Will is worded in this way?


If the Will doesn't

If the Will doesn't specifically state that the spouse inherits the estate,but instead refers to spouse as the Trustee inheritin,does it have the same outcome.

I am asking this as a layman when it comes to Will writing,my logic says for spouse not to incur IHT,the Will should state Spouse inherit s estate!....without reference to Trustee!


I really don't get the

I really don't get the point.

Why not just say I leave x to my spouse, absolutely.

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.

Solicitor has suggested using

Solicitor has suggested using the Trustee option,whereby Trustee can pass assets to spouse,since spouse is Trustee without problem,and has other advantages,.....however I want to be sure if Will written in this way it does not lose the spouse,his/her IHT exemption?


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