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Welcome to the LawForum. This forum is designed to provide you with an easy to use method of asking and answering questions to do with the law; complying with the law, grievances, disputes, and the legal profession in England and Wales.

By providing FREE answers to legal questions, the LawForum hopes to make the law more understandable and accessable to people who may not otherwise have the resources to seek professional advice and offers further opportunities to contact law firms who may be able to provide support if action is required.

You may think that many subjects are beyond the fringes of the law but any questions which have a connection to the law are welcome.

Take a look at the other questions to see whether your question has already been answered (you can search for a subject) and don't be afraid to post a new forum topic.

The LawForum rules and terms and conditions are in force to protect you and other users, so please make yourself aware and adhere to them.

Good luck and welcome to the LawForum for FREE legal advice...


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