In magistrates court next week for fraud by false reoresentation. Advice needed

I basically received money via bank transfer for items i did not have to 5 people totalling £1000 also a further £2000 to 21 further people but im only being brought up on the 1st 5 counts the other 21 are just for consideration. 

My summons to court only states that im being done only for 5 count totalling £1000 

I no alot of people with judge for what i have done but it was done in deperation (no excuse i no) but 3 years later it has caught up with me. Either way u look at it i basically stole the money with no intention of sending the items to the buyers 

Anyone with any advice at the possible outcome will be? 
I have no crimial record to date and i will be hand up pleading Guitly as i did in the police interview. I will be using the duty solicitor on the day. This is my 1st offence will i go to jail.




Extremely unlikely. The

Extremely unlikely.

The prisons are full so any thought of a restful few weeks at the taxpayers expense can be laid to rest!

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.

Probably a community order,

Probably a community order, unpaid work, but the court will want the victims repaid. If you cannot afford one you may not even be fined.

Profile: Photographer, retired court reporter. I am not a lawyer.

Its a magistrates court in

Its a magistrates court in belfast northern ireland so hopefully it will work out as u say. Saving monry to repay victims is now my top priorty. I dont have much maybe 100 per month but i hope to getvall paid back

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