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Hello Forum,

 I am researching a problem for my mother in law.

 Last year she took on a lodger and then in December due to them “not being compatible" she gave the lodger notice to leave. The lodger did not acknowledge the notice and some time passed but much to my mother in law’s relief suddenly up and left when my mother in law (MIL) was at work leaving a parting gift of muddy footprints and unpaid rent.


Then the next day the lodger returned to the property whilst my MIL was at work and attempted to persuade 3 seperate neighbours that she has forgotten her key and could she be let in. Luckily the neighbours were aware she had moved out and knew this was a bit ‘odd’ and refused. That evening MIL recieves a text saying that she (MIL) must meet up and give any mail and possesions to the  lodger. MIL responds back still fuming at the underhand way the former lodger behaved and replies that she won’t meet her but will forward items to a forwarding address. The lodger texts back saying that it is illegal to withhold mail and  again says she wants a meeting. She also makes some very unpleasant remarks which I won’t go into here so as not to muddy the waters. 

Again, and even more annoyed by the unpleasant comments, my mother law continues to refuse to meet but replies repeating to the lodger to supply a forwarding address for any items / mail.

Finally today MIL gets a text from the lodger stating she wants MIL to meet or to send someone on her behalf with any mail or personal items this Saturday or the lodger will have to go to the county court to take action.


Is my mother in law obliged to comply with the ex lodgers demands for a meeting to pass on items or can she contine offering to  forward to an address?

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no - she is entitled to take

no - she is entitled to take the stance she has.

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Thank you davidr

Thanks - I was reasonably confident that was the case but she was getting the wobbles a bit as the lodger is fairly stubborn and has been texting cases where logders get £££ from Landlords

There might

even be a case of harrassment against the lodger if her behaviour continues.

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Thank you

This is quite reassuring. I will now figure out how to help my mother in law best deal with this. I think for now a continuation of the "Please supply a forwarding address so I may forward mail or any personal items I find" line might be for the best. And say if she doesn't desist then we will consider it harassment.

I suppose my questions now are:

If it comes to it, how do we report harassment, is that via Police or through a solicitor?

How do we safeguard against her saying she left expensive fictitious items such as  "Apple Mac computer, a biscuit tin with cash" etc? 

Thank you


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