LawForum Rules

LawForum Goals

The goals of the LawForum are:
1. to give an opportunity to the general public to ask legal questions and for them to be answered by professional lawyers and for other members of the general public to contribute to these threads with their experiences. This is FREE legal advice.

2. to give an opportunity to lawyers, counsellors and other professionals to discuss and debate areas of legislation, practice and findings.

The rules have been formulated to protect these goals and govern the use of the forum. Contributors become members and are responsible for observing the Rules and the Registration Agreement which must be agreed to when registering and observed whilst being a member.  Members must observe the letter and the spirit of the rules.

LawForum Moderation

The LawForum is moderated by the site-owner and the site's administrators. The decision to amend, exclude or otherwise alter posts to help clarify relevance to threads, or to sensor members or their posts is the right of the moderators.

Abusive and inappropriate posts should be reported to the moderators. If a member breaks a rule, it is not an excuse to break the rules in answer or to start a post war.

This is a busy forum, so the moderators rely on members to report problem posts or inappropriate behaviour.

It is not the moderators intention to limit discussion or suppress points of view.  The intention of Moderation is provide an enjoyable experience free from problems and distractions caused by other users.

If a post is removed there is a reason for it. Posts and previous posts can be removed if the rules have been broken by the original post.  Posts can be edited by the moderators. Please note the reason shown by the moderator with the post.

Common moderator actions include correcting posts or threads so that their relevance is made clearer, issuing warnings, and answering queries. Judgment calls are made on behalf of the LawForum's membership to enable the smooth running of the forum and to provide clear communication for the benefit of all. We endeavour to treat all LawForum members fairly and equally under the forum rules.

LawForum Warnings and Bannings

Warnings may be issued as a Private Message or as an automated infraction message with notification a rules violation. A time-outs (or temporary banning) is another type of warning which is shown when the forum is accessed after an infringement.

Serious warnings occur when there are repeated posts with rule violations and this can lead to a permanent ban from the LawForum.

We take members privacy seriously. The moderators do not reveal the details of disciplinary dealings to other members unless you request this. Members are banned or given warnings for rules violations and therefore they always know the reason.

Moderation is not personal. Questions about specific cases of moderation can be sent to the moderators/administrators via the Contact form. Private Messages or email to contact a moderator/administrator about a moderation issue are not appropriate.

If contacting us about moderation, please clearly identify the posts or threads in question.

General questions about site policies or moderation should be posted via the Contact Form.
Posting questions/complaints about specific cases of moderation in the LawForum is not allowed because it is not relevant to other members and issues can be covered in more detail when communicating in private.

LawForum Forum Rules

Instantly Bannable Offences

These can be one-time bannable offences for which you will get NO warning.

A1. Registration rules. Members agreed not to post any messages that were vulgar, sexual, hateful, obscene, threatening, or otherwise violating any laws.

A2. Multiple registration. Members can only register once. Members who were banned or given time-out may not re-register. The administrators are the only people able to provide reinstatement.

A3. Shared accounts. Accounts are unique and are to be used by just one person.  Each member is responsible for any posts made within that account. Opening two or more accounts is a bannable offence.

A4. Purposely misleading a members to their detriment or creating a hoax. A member giving advice it knows to be false.

A5. Insults. Personal insult of another member, eg., "You are stupid" and all the variations. Members must be able to discuss posts without insulting members. LawForum members may dispute another's opinion, but not insult the member who stated it. Non-direct personal views may not necessary get a member banned instantly, but the Moderators may edit and issue warnings and/or time-outs. This can include telling other members to be quiet, take a running jump etc., or otherwise being extremely rude or sarcastic. Intelligent debate is encouraged but members should avoid telling off other members who are falling short. The moderators/administrators can provide suitable sanctions if members report offenders. The rules for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour also applies to members private mail.

A6. Threats and harassment. Intimidating, harassing or threatening a member, moderator or administrator, sending rude or unwanted messages including private emails.

A7. Spam and multiple posting. Regular postings are encouraged but posting the same post many times, posting multiple posts without real content in the same thread or posting to gain a higher post count will get a member banned.

A8. Members who post referral links to sites using pyramid selling techniques will have their posts edited and will be banned.

A9. Advertising or soliciting. Using the LawForum for advertising or for commercial business offers. Members may not make posts to promote commercial or personal websites. Posts will be deleted if their purpose is to advertise or to promote organisations, products, services or to build traffic to other websites.  Also not allowed: requests for members to participate in donations, surveys, competitions or for purposes that do not benefit the LawForum community as a whole.


Banned if persistent and posts likely to be edited or a warning issued and recorded.

B1. Useless posts. Posts with only one or two words, a smiley, or simply to have the first reply in a thread.  Replies such as 'I agree', 'me too', or similar.

B2. Off-topic posts.

B3. Warez. Posting software serial numbers, keys, referring  people to specific websites whose purpose is to break or bypass software licensing methods, or to cause license and/or copyright violation.

B4. Trolling. Posting to intentionally cause negative reactions or to try to pick fights.

B5. Actions that regularly annoy other members and require moderator action. If banning a member is easier than dealing with the problems that member is causing, banning will follow.

Minor Problems

C1. Trivial talk. LawForum is not a substitute for Instant Messaging. Use LawForum to discuss the thread topic.

C2. Profanity. Members using obscene language or continually using vulgar language will be banned.

C3. Thread titles. Thread titles should indicate the subject of the thread. Avoid generic titles such as 'Help'. Moderators/administrators may alter thread titles that are non-specific.

C4. One thread. Don't post a thread more than once.  If the topic is relevant to more than one section, pick the best fit and post it only once only.

C5. One post. Multiple messages with the same content are not allowed. Just post one in the most appropriate thread. Avoid adding lots of additional posts by combining comments into one post.

C6. Signature. Text only allowed. vBulletin features, such as indent tags, that produce unnecessary vertical space, blank lines or lines of punctuation (question marks, dashes, zeros, etc.) are banned.

C7. Signature content.  Requests for alteration will be sent to members with distracting signatures which must comply with all forum rules. Controversial or annoying content will be removed.

C8. Simulated Signatures. Automated software such as FoxyTunes Signatunes may not be used. Signatures to be set in the User Control Panel, not simulated within posts.

C9. Bumps. A post that elevates a thread to the top of the new posts list without adding content to the thread (bump) is not permitted.

C10. Corrections. Spelling or grammatical errors should not be commented on unless it is to clarify a definition.

C11. Search first.  Search for existing threads before starting a new one. If others, (especially new members) start new threads on old topics, be helpful by posting a link to a previous relevant thread.

Reporting posts

1. Report any post in a thread.
2.  If reporting a duplicate thread, please provide a link to the previous thread.
3. Post Reports do not receive a reply but every report is considered. Use the contact form if you require a reply,
4. Avoid replying to an offending post, just report it. 


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