Landlord refusing to carry out Health and Seafty Checks because I am recording on my tablet

My landlord are refusing to carry out health and safety checks on my flat because I am recording on my tablet without the consent of Thier staff.They have told me that I am breeching thier representative human rights however they have yet to tell exactly what human rights I'm breaking? I feel that with the recent fire in block of flats in London I have every right to make sure that they are adequately making the correct checks. As far as I am aware its legal for me to record without consent in my own Home.

Has anyone ever had problems with this? Thanks

An individual can't breach

An individual can't breach anyone's human rights so that's a red herring for a start. 

However, it's a matter between the employee and his employer if they object to being recorded. I would expect the employer to support him.

You are not breaking the law merely my making the recording, but depending on what you intend to do with the recording you may have to comply with the Data Protection Act as images of recognisable individuals may be personal data.

You may have a choice- get your safety inspection, or have your landlord say that he cannot complete it because of your conduct.

Why can't you just take notes?

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Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your comments.

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