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Hi everyone, I have had the location for my film that I'm shooting as part of my coursework set for a long time now, but when I'm trying to get permission to use the property which contains a derelict factory (furniture factory with nothing much remaining inside the buildings) The owner is fine with me using it. But the issue arises that there will be 5 of us there, 4 actors and myself.  This becomes an issue as the owner of the property is a successful businessman, who doesn't want to have any legal backfire for letting us use the property due to insurance if we get injured etc while on his property.  I'm just looking advice on whether there any laws in the UK that allow us to film there without him being liable for our safety... as in would we have to sign something or is insurance absolutely necessary or any other means of making it work? 

Thanks in advance!

Google for

short period performance insurance.

You cannot film without permission and he has given it subject to you having liability insurance. He is wise.

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It would be unusual if a

It would be unusual if a college offering a film course had no access to production insurance, or information about it- have you asked?


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I haven't yet asked the

I haven't yet asked the school if there is any production insurance, would this cover us if anything was to happen on private property?

I'll have a look about

I'll have a look about thanks!

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