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Just checking out my bail conditions, as this states no contact with my ex-girlfriend (A) directly or indirectly.

The ex-girlfriend (A) has contacted another ex-girlfriend (B) via Facebook, to blacken my name. Girlfriend (A) asked girlfriend (B) to contact my son's mother via Facebook on a number of occassions saying that I am a bad father and that she should report me to Social Services to stop our son's contact etc.

This is all malicious, can the mother of my child contact the Police to make a complaint of plotting evil plans and harrassment against ex-girlfriends A and B without affecting my bail conditions relating to ex-girlfriend (A)?

Ex-girlfriend (B) may be making a witness statement/bad character reference to the Police in support of ex-girlfriend (A).

Many thanks for your help.






The law states:(1)A person

The law states:

(1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct—

 (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and

 (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

If they have contacted her a number of times, particularilty unsociable hours, simply to cause strife then what B has done is harassment. As you don't mention A contacting your son's mother (going to refer to her as C for ease) I wouldn't expect a complaint to go anywhere. (while she is technically involved that involvement wont be enough for the police to take action on a minor harassment as B could just as easily tell A to do one when A tells B to send the messages).

The downfall to all of this is there is an absolute defence to harassment:

(3)Subsection (1) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows—

(c)that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.

B could argue that whatever legal trouble you find yourself in with regards to A proves that you should not have access to your son and so her actions in trying to convince C is out of concern for the child and therefore reasonable.

C could report them both to the police (you should stay as far clear of the whole thing as you can, while it shouldn't affect your bail it could make the whole thing look like tit for tat which the police don't have time to deal with) and request a protection from harassment order. This is essentially a letter from the police telling A and B to stop contacting C or they will be arrested and investigated for harassment. It should not be difficult to get one if A or B have no other reasons to talk to or communicate with C other than causing this trouble as the order is not stopping them doing anything they would reasonably doing in day to day life. 

All of the above said I would advise C to just block them online and ignore them, that's probably what the police will do in the first instance anyway. Unless B is a witness or involved in your case with A it is very unlikely a court or the CPS would give two hoots what she has to say. These things happen all the time with a past partner from a bad breakup decdiding to become involved and stick the knife in with a "bad character" statement.

As for your bail, as long as you aren't contacting A or asking B or C to relay messages to A it wont affect it, just be aware that if C reports in and the police go to speak to A she could point out any messages she has recieved as coming from you indirectly and then the police will be asking you questions about your bail.

So to sum up, you could report it but I would just ignore it.



Police Bail

Many thanks for you help, its most appreciated.

I thought I was the only person, that had encountered these difficulties. 





Help needed - Response to Application of Police Pre Charge Bail

Help needed to complete form - Response to Application of Police Pre-charge Bail

Could you give me some advice on how to fill in this form, as I’ve been served with this yesterday and I have five business days to respond?

I fall under the new pre charge bail laws that came into effect from April 2017. Therefore I have been bailed for 28 days and then three months. The police have to apply now to the courts for an extension because they say they have not had time to inspect my computer and phone.

This form states that should have been given a copy of the investigators application to the Court, so that I can respond, however the Police have not given this to me. Can they use rule r.14.22 section 47ZH, to withhold this form information from me?

This seems a bit extreme, as my ex girlfriend made a malicious allegation and I am currently under investigation for a common assault and a miscellaneous one (sharing pictures of my ex-girlfriend with friends and family).

The problem is that we fell out in December and I tried to move on with my life but she found out I had a new girlfriend in March. She went on the attack and threatened to ruin mine and my family’s life by making various false allegations. I recorded this conversation on the telephone and she states that her ex-partner is a Policeman and she will use him to her advantage, as she has a direct line into the police station.

As my previous post states, she has contacted ex-girlfriends etc and has made further malicious allegations about me and my family to other organizations. These have been investigated and found to be malicious and false.

In addition, I had a traumatic brain injury when I was young, so I have cognitive difficulties with reading and writing etc. When I attended the police station on a voluntary basis they arrested and interviewed me without an appropriate adult being present. When I told them that my epilepsy medication dose was due they said they would go to my home to collect it. I did not know till afterwards that they used this opportunity to search me home and took my computer and phone.

As this system is new, my solicitor is not familiar with this scenario, so I would be very grateful anyone could give me some guidance on how to fill in the response form without knowing what has been written about me, or any other advice that would be helpful in my situation.


Someone else has helped me write this and the previous post. Many thanks.

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