Harassment at work

I am a store director of one company and I started three months ago. I am still on probation period. When I started to work there, the management did not disclose that managers do not survive there long. The director before me had insane charges against her and she had to resign as soon as possible. Also, no-one told me that there are two sales people in the team who do not follow instructions from any management, as per (unknown to me) arrangement in this company.

I accepted this role by being a business woman as a very interesting challenge. I was misled by my employer that it was a really interesting opportunity.

The two members of my team consistently refuse to follow my instructions and consistently create a toxic atmosphere within the team. There are many terms of the employment contract that they are breaching, but this post would be too long if I put all the offenses on here.

I also found out that following their old habit of harrasing their previous Directors, they are complaining about every step I do to Head Office (creating another case). Every day they are stirring trouble. When I raised this topic to my Director in Head Office about their continued presence in this company, I met with my immediate Director a wall of misunderstanding where she is covering for every misdeed they do.

These two are harassing and bullying me, my assistant and supervisor constantly.

The result of it is that the Head Office and my imminent Director are calling me for talks in Head Office. She does not allow me to have witness with me and I believe that next week, she will dismiss me. She is shouting at me and bulliyng me.

Please help me as I am a human being as well. I was misled and I didn't even have induction when I started, and I believe that I am treated unfairly and illegally.

What shall I do?

If there's a disciplinary

If there's a disciplinary meeting - then you are entitled to be accompanied. Its a right - not a matter of discretion.

Shouting and bullying is harrassment and is instantly actionable.

Put your concerns in writing.

Its also a requirement that an employer takes proper steps to properly investigate allegations such as yours.


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Thank you very much, it's

Thank you very much, it's very much appreciated.

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