Flat mate won't pay council tax


I shared a flat with my friend last year for 6 months. I'm a student and he worked full time, even though I would be exempt from paying council tax if I lived alone, I agreed that I would get my student discount and pay half the council tax and he would pay the other half. He said he would deal with it and it was only after a few months I realised he hadn't. Anyway, I've now left and when I left there was an outstanding bill, so I paid my half and told him how much he had to pay. We've had a disagreement and he's now saying that he won't pay, which leaves me liable for paying this. 

Is there anyway I can claim this money back? I've spoken to the council and they've said we're both liable so they don't really care who's paid what, they just need it paid and if not they'll pursue both of us. Is there a chance I can take him to small claims court? Is there anyway I can get out of not having to pay the money that he's refusing to pay? Any help would be appreciated.


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