family court order?

Hey just hoping for some information.

My ex and i had been on and off when it came to contact agreements with my child for the first year, leading upto my childs first birthday we went through mediation, he broke our  mediation agreements and was lying about my son and turning up 15-30mis late etc, he also caused two scenes 1 smashing my parents front gate and another ramming my front door into me so i stopped contact with him. A year and 3month later ive heard nothing apart from 1 text when his current relationship broke down, he hadnt even got in touch for my sons important medical appointments. Now out the blue over a year later ive reieved a letter saying i must meet him a contact centre and get in touch in 14days or an application to the court will be made. havnt been able to catch my solicitor yet so wanting any advice i can get on this court order etc.


It sounds as if he is going

It sounds as if he is going to make an application for a contact order.

You will be served with notice if he does so and can then put forward your case at a court hearing.

You refer in your post to "my child" - and the advice given assumes he is the father. If not repost.

You should be aware that there will be a strong probability that some contact will be granted as it is the right of the child as opposed to the parent. You may however be able to persuade the court it should be subject to conditions.

Unless you have formally complained about domestic violence it is unlikely you will get legal aid.

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.

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