Divorce after 8 + years living apart

can anyone direct me as to the best way of getting a divorce as cheaply as possible. we have lived apart for over 8 years and my husband and i are now on good turns. finacially we wont claim from each ie pensions and we sorted the house isa s etc in 2003 so we just need to divorce and i was told to get something else so none of us can claim from each other in future? this i presume is incase one of us won the lottery or similar wind fall ( i wish) i have been told i can just fill in papers myself and take them to the courts to file but confused as was told was £250 + to do this, but have seen on line divorce for Less than that. ???? help

Hi Marylu, If you are happy

Hi Marylu,

If you are happy to deal with all of the paperwork yourself then the "cheapest" way to obtain a divorce is for you and your husband to deal with everything without employing the services of solicitors.

You can obtain all of the forms necessary online via:


If you deal with all of the paperwork yourself the only fee that you will have to pay is the court fee.

You will also need to enter into a consent order. This is a document which records what both parties have agreed to in terms of their finances. If both parties sign the consent order then, generally speaking, niether party can then apply for a different financial settlement after the document has been signed.

A solicitor would normally deal with a consent order but there may well be provision for this within the court documents available online.

I should add that the above is only general guidance as I have only limited knowledge of matrimonial law.

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Presumably you will be

Presumably you will be seeking a divorce based on 5 years separation.

You should be able to deal with this yourself although you will have to acquaint yourself with the forms and procedure.

As Gerard says you will have to pay the court fees.

So far as a final order is concerned you would want that to be in full and final settlement of all claims which may arise now or in the future.To ensure that such an order is properly made and worded you should see a solicitor.


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