Hi, i hope someone can help. When my partner was banned from attending a meeting of the school governors with myself, the head teacher refused to elaborate why. I had to attend the meeting on my own and during said meeting the head teacher, infront of the governors listed 6 reasons as to why he had been banned. None of these reasons were true, and i have nothing to gain by lying on this forum, one related to a form a teacher had allegedly completed regarding an abusive phone call she had received from my partner. This phone call never took place so i am unsure as to whether the teacher completed a form containing said lie, or whether the head teacher was making up the event to suit her purpose, if the form does exist how can i obtain a copy of it to enable me to proceed to clear my partners name? thank you very much

You can't do anything

Assuming your partner is competent it is up to them.

They could request disclosure under DPA:

As to the title of your post - I assume you mean defamation - you and your partner will be barking up the wrong tree if you are considering legal action.

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defamation yes

Thank you, no we do not intend to try to sue or anything like that, he simply wants to see a copy of the form as its one thing in a series of problems with the schools head teacher, we do not believe the form exists, as i said the head used this supposed form to stop him going to a meeting. There was no phone call, weve had very limited phone conversations as we believe emails are better as they are actual proof whereas a phone conversation is just hearsay. School are ignoring so far our request under DPA so we wonder where we go from here.  Thank you for your time

Make a complaint

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Couldn't you do a subject

Couldn't you do a subject access request.

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