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Hi. I was wandering whether any one would be able to answer some questions I have in respect of Copyright and IP Law and Jewellery Designs please.  Thank you.

Possibly,  but until you ask

Possibly,  but until you ask the question we will not be able to say

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Jewellery Copyright

What is the legal terminology please so that I can explain to a competitor who reported my bracelet design as infringing upon hers. It was my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) that a plain beaded bracelet cannot be protected from Copyright and IP. Thank you in advance.

If a piece of jewellery has a

If a piece of jewellery has a distinctive design it may be protected by unregistered design right. Copyright is not so relevant for a 3D object- design right is much more powerful.

Reported to whom? If it's ebay, ebay's standards for removal of a listing are far stricter than the law, and it's allowed to set its own rules by and large.

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Copyright and IP

Thank you for coming back to me. It was on ETSY. It was a plain beaded bracelet.  The other side will not respond nor give me any design registration number, therefore I am assuming it is a non registered design. Their is no actual design in terms of the design within the bracelet itselt - simply the same size bead all the way around with a clasp?

As  it is for copyright, the

As  it is for copyright, the bar for design protection is low. There must merely be SOME originality. You can go through the appeal process, but ultimately it's down to the site's own terms, unless they amount to a restraint of trade which would hardly apply here.

Sell elsewhere.

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Thank you

Hi - Their is no originality at all. I just think my competitor is sending Copyright Infringment requests to place a red flag on my shop - a number of flags get you shut down. Their is no pattern or design and I have explained that they are incorrect and the design is common place - they have not sought legal advice or carried out any research prior to submitting their report to ETSY, which could land them in deep water! I am seeking further legal advice. Thank you for your responses, it is very much appreciated.

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