CICA Claim at review stage, should I take on a solicitor now?


I have been in a constant battle with the CICA to get to the point I am at now whereby I have received my closing offer to the claim. The offer they sent me was not only not enough, but actually insulting! So I have been in contact with some legal services for advice, however I am worried they are being somewhat biased to get the business.

They have advised me that they would take on my case for a percentage of the final award, minus the monies I have already been offered. They have also advised that in their professional opinion I am due a considerable amount more than I have been offered and that they would be able to achieve much more on my behalf than I ever could alone. 

So my questions are as follows:

1) Is the information they are giving me correcting and accurate? (I am aware you have limited information about the case)

2) Is there anything I need to look for in regards to which solicitor to choose? 

And finally any advice/information you could offer further to the questions would be greatly appreciated



I know nothing about your

I know nothing about your case.

However I can say with total certainty that any solicitor/ barrister who claims they would definitely get more than you would on your own is lying.

They may succeed- through putting the case better- but I would not bet on it.

CICA has well established guidelines for awards so if the information supplied is not different it is unlikely to affect the award.

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.

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