Chimney problems living in a flat

So we just moved into a new flat (a tenement building) in Glasgow

We have a Solid Fuel Fireplace which was recently installed and we have the cerification for it being installed correctly.

On our first attempt to use it our upstair neighbors knocked on the door to complain they could smell smoke in their living room.

It seems there is cracks in the chimney wall next to their livingroom which the smell of the smoke is getting into. They have a gas fireplace and their access to the chimney is supposedly sealed off

We agreed not to use the fireplace again till it was sorted but they are saying we should be paying for the repair to the inside of the chimney in their flat and wont make the repairs themselves.

where do we stand?


thanks David


When the fireplace was

When the fireplace was installed was the chimney lined?

These days it is more or less standard to insert an aluminium liner to prevent the exact problems you have desribed.

Legally I will leave it to others to answer whether you are obliged to.

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Despite certification

it seems that this installation has not been completed correctly. The defect should have been identified.

Go back to your installer.

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