Child Working Sentencing

Hi, I work off the books at a local takeaway, although my hours have been cut down as they have a "new employee", it has come to my attention that this "new employee" is actually my boss's 11 year old son. He works from half 4 till 11 pm, and a total working week for him is now 19.5 hours. I have done some research and I found out this is completely illegal. They have apparently been in trouble before with this, but I am not certain.

I also have worrys over their 4 month old son and 5 year old son. The 4 month old has a serious skin condition from being "left next to the radiator for too long" and is also left by himself up stairs without a baby monitor for hours on end while the rest of the family are down stairs. The 5 year old has a serious chest infection that has lasted for months due to his parents letting him wonder around the LOCAL area without a scarf, coat or gloves during December.

Is it right for me to report it, or should I leave it to their teachers and other local authoriries? If so how can I report this and keep myself anonymous? Also what could come from it? (such as sentencing, or social services having rights over all of their under aged children)

Local Authority Child Protection team

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