Child Protection

Police, council HR and LADO hold Strategy Meeting to discuss a teacher alleged to have had inappropriate contact with a child (giving chocolates). No social worker attends. Meeting requests a Section 47 Child Protection investigation. It later transpires that a student social worker, working entirely alone, conducted a S17 investigation, sent a statement against the teacher to the council HR dept but did not attend or feedback to the reconvened meeting. The social worker could not prove ANY records of the investigation, of parental consent, of questions, of answers, of outcome, of next steps-nothing! Social worker could not recall the date of the investigation, how it changed to a S17, what questions were asked, why she didn't feed back or why her notes cannot be found. The LADO did not follow this up either - she acknowledged that no social worker attendance or feedback meant case closed. Does this sound right? Does this sound like something illegal has gone on?

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