Changing name on judgement. Limited company.

Advice please!


in 2015 I was awarded default judgement over a company I sued. We will call them Smith's Garage LImited. Anyway. Smiths garage limited ceased trading but remained on companies house. They were due to be struck off for failure to submit documents but I appealed this so the company is still active. 

I served orders to attend on the director who ignored them and then did turn up after he knew he would get 7 days inside. 


He he told the examiner the co isn't trading and has no assets (this is true)

He does also own another company (we will Call Them Smiths Breakers limited) which has considerable assets. 


how can I get this guy?? Can I make application to courts to change the name on the judgement? Can I make him personally liable? Help!!!!

No and no.

No and no.

Profile: retired barrister legal adviser with MOJ.


Can you suggest anything? 

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