Bus Lane Fine - Correct Adress, wrong owner/car!


I moved property about a year ago and after a few months, recieved a V5 from the DVLA, sent to my address, but the name was someone who has never been known to me or lived at this address. The car on the V5 was also not known to me. I can only imagine it was a mixup at the DVLA. I never got around to sending the V5 back to the DVLA, so destroyed it, in hindsight I should have returned it unopended to the DVLA!

A few months ago I received another letter, from a London Borough, addressed to the same perrson, as the V5. It was a fine for driving in a bus lane. I emailed the London Borough and explained that the car was, for some uknown reason incorrectly registered at my new address and I had no links to it or the driver. In the meantime I informed the DVLA that I had received a V5 and subsiquent letters relating to an unknown driver and car, they replied back, confirming they have removed the incorrect details from their system.

I then recieved another, quite threatening letter from the London Borough, chasing payment. This was adressed to me, not the unkown driver.They requested that I supply them with evidence that I am resident at the address they have on their system, for the unknown driver, in the form of a utility bill/council tax statement. This annoyed me as I felt it was up to them to sort the issue with the DVLA, not for me to prove who I was and didn't want to give them any personal details. I replied back to them to ths effect. I've since received another, more threatening letter, along the lines of, it's now too late to clear up any matters of them having the wrong address, pay us 150GBP or face court action!

However, this letter is sent to the unknown driver, of the unknown car but to my address! So I'm not named on the threats, but should I worry? Should I just tell them again the driver and car are not known to me and ignore it?


Thanks for any help!




return the letter marked

return the letter marked unknown at this address...and stop opening other peoples post.

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Thanks, yes, I should have

Thanks, yes, I should have just done that to start with!

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