Ashley Madison account deletion

I (foolishly) set up a free account on the dating site but now want to delete my account and they are insisting I pay them £15 to do so! I've read through the Terms and Conditions and their Privacy statement accessible during the registration process and no reference is made to this. Please can you advise my options (other than paying  as I resent giving in to what feels like blackmail!

thank you

if it is truly free than you

if it is truly free than you cannot be asked to pay to remove your account. The amount is not worth the argument in many respects, even though legally it is probably an unfair contract term. Presumably you can update your profile should you choose, why don't you change your photo to someone who is not you , change your email details to an account you don,t use or otherwise disguise your presence on the site and just don't use it again.

Richard Paremain

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Ok thanks for your feedback Richard yes that's probably the easiest solution. It just struck me as remarkable that this could be considered legal!

Ah well, as you say not worth getting into legal fisticuffs..I'll just follow your advice!

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