Appealing against an EPA Section 80 Abatement Notice

I have just returned from holiday and found that the local council has broken into my property, changed locks and created some minor damage to stop an internal alarm that was annoying my neighbours.

Whilst I fully accept that the noise was unfair to my neighbours I don't think the council made enough effort to contact a key holder. The bell box on the front of my house has the alarm companies number on and they could have stopped the problem, equally I left keys and instructions and contact details with the next door neighbour on the otherside of my house.

I want to appeal to the magistrates court as I believe I made every effort to provide alarm cover and they (the council) came in very heavvy handed and now want to charge me and have lodged the abatement notice.

I have always been a law abiding citizen but now feel like Ronnie Biggs for an issue that could have been dealt with with simply knocking a door or phoning a number.

Can anyone adivse ?

The grounds for an appeal can

The grounds for an appeal can be found here.

Clause 2 (c) might be of use to you.

You should be aware that you only have 21 days in which to lodge the appeal and this period includes the day of service.

Please also see this thread where a member had a similar problem.

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