Accused of Harassment?

November last year i received a call from the police (at 9.20pm!) to say that my name had come up in an racially aggrevated harassment case and they wanted me to go in for a voluntary interview. the harassed person is a distant cousin of mine.

i attended the voluntary interview and it turns out someone had used my paypal to make payments to a website which had then sent out some harassing post/texts? this was the first i had heard about anything like this and the amounts that are said to have gone through my account were below £2 nothing i would have missed easily. The said harassment happened between Nov 2010 to may 2011, they interviewed me in Dec 2011 and then sent me home!! pending further enquiries!!

i received a letter from the duty solicitor a few days after the interview to say that the police would investigate further and then pass to CPS.

Its been over 7 months now and i still havent heard anything from the police, i had a call in february from the police asking me to confirm my paypal password and asking me to send bank statements...which i did. I know they logged in to my paypal i was able to tell from the last login time.

I've never been in trouble with the police before and the time this is taking has lead to me being on anxiety pills and having to take time off work for stress.

How long do the police have to invesigate and pass to cps? i just want this nightmare to end :(

Why don't you just ring the

Why don't you just ring the police and ask them what is happening? This is the quickest way to find out. For all you know, the case may have been dropped, but even if it hasn't at least you will find out its current status.


Accused of Harassment?

Shouldn't i be told if the case has been dropped?

just bumping up!!   If i have

just bumping up!!


If i have been dropped from the investigation should i have been contacted by the police or the duty solicitor?

I know nothing about these procedures, but this has been going on for over 8 months now i was interviewed in December 2011 and i was told the allegations were made in May 2011.

Have you tried contacting the

Have you tried contacting the Police as suggested above?  That is almost certainly the quickest and easiest way to find out.

yes but i havent heard back

yes but i havent heard back from anyone.  I dont want to call the duty solicitor cos last time i spoke to him he said 'if you havent done it your have nothing to worry about!' which i thought was very rude..yes i didnt do it, but at the moment its on my head but he couldnt understand why i was stressed about it

Call the Police again.

Call the Police again.

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