Accountant threatening to take me to court for not using his services



A accountant is asking me to pay a invoice for my expenses self assesment that i did myself online


They are threatening to take me to court as i asked them via email to do my self assesment, however when they sent me the paperwork to sign i decided to do it online instead as it was free and didnt send any of the documents back.Now they are saying i still have to pay them even though i did it myself


Are they allowed to do this and am i obliged to pay them just for agreeing on a email conversation 

How much?

They may have done preliminary work. You may have agreed for them to do it. They might even have checked it for you as part of your engagement agreement. My accountant did so when I had one.

What explanation have they given?

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They said they prepared my

They said they prepared my self assesment as i asked them to over a email conversation , but few days later i asked them to cancel it as i done it myself..but they said the already prepared it so i have to pay full fees..even though i did it all my self.. surely i have to sign the docs for them to charge me dont i? Which i didnt..

They accepted your

instruction. You gave it. Suppose you had given instruction but they had not done it because it was not signed and a submission deadline was in consequence, missed?

I cannot see that you have a case if they did what you asked but you changed your mind AFTER they had done as you requested.

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Thanka for your reply..can i

Thanka for your reply..can i ask what possition you hold? Ie are you a solicitor? 

I am

not a solicitor. I have dealt with accountants for over 20 years. I used to sign a service agreement every year. They would always accept email instruction from me.

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Ok..i was actually after a

Ok..i was actually after a opinion from legal side as i need to know if i legally am obliged to pay them as i didnt sign a official contarct and the inatructions were only via a very casual email convo.which i cancelled ...woild be great i can hear from someome who is a lawer/solicitor please..

Of course you do..

but why do you describe your request to prepare your return - which was simple and apparently clear to the accountant as "only via a very casual email"? Do you think that an email is somehow less authoritative than any other method of communication? An email is a valid medium, surely?

Engagement letters and T&Cs for client services are mandatory. There will be a schedule setting out detailed both side's obligations.

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Once not asking for

Once not asking for everyones personal opinion..if your not a qualified solciitor please dont comment!! Im only interested in what the law says..thanks

A legally binding contract

A legally binding contract requires:

offer and acceptance


intention to create a legal relationship.

No requirement or anything in writing or signed.


So what exactly have they done for you or on your behalf.


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It was for a self assesment

It was for a self assesment ..i asked the accou tant to do it for me via emailat first but then emailed him after a few days as i didnt know i could do it online..i emailed them to cancel it before they sent me any HMRC diocs etc..but now they are saying because6 i initially asked them on the email to do nit for me that now i would have to pay the full fee regardless of me send my self assesment online myself..

So legally do i not have to sign to instruct them or is a email just the same as a signed instruction..

 With your attitude you are


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As i said earlier if i wanted

As i said earlier if i wanted a opinion of a photographer or a receptionist i wouldn't be in a "law forum"

Everyone thinks they knw it all and im not interested in opinions..

If im working in a police station doesnt mean im a police officer..! Too many wannabe lawyers here.. Dont comment!


Im only int in people who know the law! Not people who think they do..

You don't get to

say who contributes here and who doesn't. Feel free to ignore any advice you do not like - don't get cocky about it. That is bell-end behaviour and the wrong way to get free qualified advice.

Find a solicitor and pay them for advice. It will cost more than your accountant charged you for completing the work they did at your written request.

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Ok il ignore it..and thanks

Ok il ignore it..and thanks for your free advice but i dont need it..find someone elses post to comment on thanks

Iv got my advice.already thanks from a qualified all.sorted.. 


Gosh first and last time im using this forum..only a few qualified lawers and the rest are just wannabe lawers who obviously wish they could be lawer but never made they use their unqualified expert free advice on here to fulfill their dream

Any one of us here could have

It takes all sorts to make a forum and any one of us here could have given you davidr's advice about how a contract is formed- we chose not to because of your attitude- why help someone who resorts to abuse?- but lucky for you davidr was still prepared to help you.

After all millions of simple contracts come into existence every day. You and I enter into one every time we ask for a bottle of milk and it doesn't always take a lawyer to recognise one.

On your wider point, LI is experienced in negotiating contracts and this particular "photographer" is recognised on this forum as knowledgeable on IP and copyright because it's my stock in trade. You can check if you like by searching the forum. Lawyers tend to be specialists and there isn't an IP specialist here. So believe it or not we serve a useful purpose, qualified or not. There's no "wannabe" or "dream" about it. We think we can help, and sometimes, we can.

BTW my worthless opinion is that you did form a contract and that you do owe a fee. As LI worthlessly said, what if the accountant hadn't acted promptly and you'd thereby missed the submission deadline? You'd be here asking about negligence. It cuts both ways.

Pleased to hear you've decided not to trouble this forum again, though.


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My last message as i got

My last message as i got better things to do

I have noticed people on here are not very busy hence the long irrelevant comments

I noticed the only person who is actually qualified and knows what their talking about send 1 message which was straight to point and answered my question

And the rest of you are blabbing on about how great you are and talking load of nonsense..

As far as im concerned i got my answer from the correct person and the rest of you are just spamming

I suggest you stick to your day jobs ..a bottle of milk and a photograph..

I will be unsubscribing now so bye


Ps:These forums would of been brilliant if there wasnt all the wannabe lawyers.. 

The advice you

have accepted seems to confirm you should pay the accountant what you owe.

Settle now, before it gets to court.

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Well he endeared himself to

Well he endeared himself to everyone, didn't he?


Profile: Photographer, retired court reporter. I am not a lawyer.

It surprises me

that there are not a lot more trolls. I can only recall 2 or 3! 

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