12 month gym contract

My son took out a 12 month contract with a local gym but after 2 months he was made redundant, he is only 18 and wrote to the gym giving one months notice and made sure this was paid. He has since gone back to college and has no income. They have sent two letters to him since, the first asking for documents which he cannot possibly provide ie. utility bills in his name, mortgage statements etc plus a £25 cancellation fee and one more months payment. (he only used the gym twice !) failing to provide the docs means he will have to pay in full.  The second letter has given him until 18 Nov to make the full payment of £250 or the debt will be passed to a debt recovery company.  Is this just scaremongering or can they do this? Is the contract legally binding as he has received no goods or services?

The Contract is certainly

The Contract is certainly legally binding if your son signed it. They can also sue him for the debt or pass the matter to a debt recovery agency.

However if the original gym contract allows the contract to be brought to an end by your son giving one month's notice in writing and provided he has sent the notice to the correct address etc then he have correctly ended the contract.

As always I would advise you or your son to read the contract very carefully and if you think that the contract has been ended in accordance with the provisions contained within it you should write to the gym pointing this out.

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12 month gym contract

Thank you for your response and advice. My son has since advised me that he did not actally sign anything but 'ticked the box' on an electronic application form.  Meanwhile we have offered £100 to settle the account but they have responded and advised the full amount of £224 is required to settle, they will accept nothing less and this will be put in the hands of a debt recovery agency on 5 Dec. Is an electronic application legally binding?  And are they being unreasonable not accepting our offer of £100 ? Thanks once again.

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